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Press 1 Cash

When People Press 1 You Make Cash!  

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The product: Automated Text Responder

  • Your Own SMS Text Phone Number
  • 100 Free Credits
  • Your own Press 1 Website
  • Back Office with Tracking and Training
  • Built-In 1 up comp plan
  • Re-sell rights for life!
  • You make $200 on every sale and every first person's sale (see income calculator below)


  • Prospects call your assigned Auto-Text Messaging Phone Number 
  • They listen to a short 5 second message
  • They Press 1 and are immediately sent your website via our system! 

 $297 No Monthly Fees    


wHO WILL BUY THIS great product FROM YOU?

Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents. Any Business Owner that has a website!


They just send a ringless message out. Then people will Press 1 and receive a text with their website... Immediately!


Also Perfect for Network Marketers!

You can plug-in your primary business opportunity and your prospects will PRESS 1 and receive a text with your website within seconds! 

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How to market Press 1 Cash using Ringless Voice Drops?

Use our Done For You Ringless Voicemail Drops to market your Press 1 Cash opportunity! 

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The message is already loaded for you. When People call, they'll hear our short 5 second message and press 1. They'll receive YOUR Press 1 Cash website and BUY from you. You just made $200 Instantly!

At anytime...You can change the url that your prospects receive to whatever program website you're promoting. Clever, Right?  


Press 1 Cash in 20 Seconds!

  1. We give you a marketing phone number
  2. People Call and Listen
  3. They Press 1
  4. They receive a TEXT back Immediately with your Link! 

That's how EZ this is! You Make $$$$



 Jacob Hartley 

 I've  been marketing for many years. Press1 Cash has increased my  productivity by 75% and we're just getting started with it! I highly  recommend this service. 

NND Enterprises

Yolanda Fields

 I ordered the system and started using it right away. The next thing I know was  customers started pressing 1 to get my website! WOW!  

Legacy Training

 Rich Meyer

 I'm very impressed with system. I had a tremendous week!  Thank you Press1 Cash, you've got a customer for life!